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  • SENIORS: part 2

    This time we all woke up a little bit earlier to catch some good light, that is until someone who is not to be mentioned and doesn’t happen to be represented in this first photo decided to show up just a little late… meet COOPER ISAAC and RICHARD.


    So being that I used to live in Bakersfield and work with a whole bunch of great high school students, the demand for senior photos this year was a bit large 🙂 I made an extra trip back to Bako to hang out with these wonderful people… and we had an awesome time! Here’s the…


    4:30am+coffee+the grapevine+hiking way too far into an overgrown field to find a broken corral=the best photo shoot ever for my very talented friend Bryan


    These two awesome Seniors are actually cousins. I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with Joel and Jenna a lot over the past couple of years as I volunteer at the church high school group they attend. Such sweet people, I had a great time with you guys downtown! and a little bit of senior…