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Love love LOVE this family of extremely talented photographers!! This was a quick session, but I had to put it up here cause they’re all just so darn cute and colorful!  They make me smile : )

  • Absolutely beautiful work! I am a growing photographer and would love to know what lens you used for this shoot! I also love your editing it is gorgeous, great work!

  • Gorgeous family photos. I love what they’re wearing. I also love the location and dreamy light. Great work.

Thomas and Carolyn do things in their own unique style. Set among gorgeous cliff-side views of the ocean in the small coastal town of Gualala, CA the couple and their family enjoyed the day relaxing in cottages, playing lawn games, feeding chickens and listening to live folk music by the campfire. WHAT?! Is this a […]

  • Grace Cabalka

    Ellie. THAT was amazing. You do such wonderful work. Where was this??? I gotta show Steve the mini coopers. What a unique setting and day. I say we have a reunion vacations there! love you Els.

  • Tasha

    Peaceful, awe, now that is a word that doesn’t normally go with wedding. I’m glad you got to enjoy such a beautiful wedding.

  • Shirley De

    This is absolutely one of the most beautiful down to earth set of wedding pictures I have seen and you did a wonderful job capturing it. This is my favorite part of Ca. coast and it made me want to go there again.

Rich and Mindy are a super special couple, because they’re my family!!! Mindy is my husband’s sister and Rich is now our brother in law : ) Rich and Mindy are also a special couple because they gave my husband Ed and I the rare opportunity to officiate and photograph a wedding together!  We love […]

  • Carlotta

    Everytime I look at these I cry… are so talented Ellie and we are all so blessed to have you in our lives…..Thank You My Dear Daughter In Law xoxoxoxoxox