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Weddings & Children

kiddosThis is a personal post, the first I’ve made in the three years since we adopted our son, and four months later, our daughter.  They are, absolutely no bias thoughts here, the most beautiful and brilliant children in the entire world.  😉  I am in love with my sweet  babies and have taken quite some time to work out my relationship with photography while raising two little ones!  I have never stopped photographing people and weddings, but I have taken a step back, created more space, and spent more time at home than on my computer lately.  So, if you’re wondering why the blogging gap, or the feature lull… or if you stumbled across my sight and wondered if I’m even current, two tiny people are to blame.  So, with that, I’ll be working at featuring this years weddings as well as a few highlights from years past as I move forward in photography!  And to all the working and non-working mothers out there, I commend you!  You can do it! 


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