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For any of you wondering if I’ve packed up my bags and left photography in the dust – I will admit that my blogging has been on a major pause these past few months.  But I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m still photographing people and weddings and anything else that catches my eye : )  Life has just slowed down a little, and it’s  all due to a tiny little man that changed my world, our son, who we’ve been waiting for three years now, came home to us in June!!!  He has made us a family of three and we could not be more overcome by the wonderful little person he is!!  Tegan Grover …. welcome home!!





Now, just wait for it…. I know he’s a lot to take in all at once (I might be a liiiittle biased, but I’m pretty sure he’s the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen, ever.  ever.)  buttttt, here comes the crazy news, we are adopting AGAIN!!!!  We have a newborn baby girl on the way in October!!  I hardly ever write personal notes on this blog, but this is just monumental news folks, and I can’t help but fill you in.  We are so blessed to have a birth mom that asked us to be the parents of her newborn baby girl due this October, and after waiting three years for Tegan, this is an absolute miracle!  We will be a full house in just a few weeks!!  What does this mean for my business??  No worries, I am not done with photography yet.  I am SO blessed to have a job that keeps me home with my kids, in fact, that was one of the major reasons I pursued this career with such passion years ago.  I knew I wanted children and if I still needed to work while I had them, I wanted a job that would allow me to be with them as much as possible!  Yes, I will be doing a lot fewer weddings next year so I have more time at home with my little ones, but I’m not done yet!  My last wedding for this year is this Saturday, in fact, and I have a long “maternity” break until next year.  I’ll be posting weddings until I start shooting again  in 2014 so keep checking back!  🙂  Thank you all for your part in making this possible for me, I am so blessed by the life that I’ve been given and I can’t wait to share what’s to come in the future!



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