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I’ve been waiting to post this for so long, you have no idea!  For some reason when you are a creative person you are stuck with a condition called creative person A.D.D. – which means you are highly distracted by the next best thing – making it extremely impossible to settle on something you like for a long period of time.  As soon as you do, you change it.  I did that for a couple of years with album companies, never really finding the right fit…. until now!  I can’t wait to order these deliciously leather covered flush mount albums all year long : ) Let’s get to the photos….First of all, how about that imprinted title?!  There is of course the option for a gorgeous photo on the front – but I couldn’t resist the stamped leather – so sweet and simple!  And these boxes below come standard with any order – to store and protect your album for the years to come…I love the thick pages!  This book has some serious weight!And then there are the leathers, what sold me on these albums to begin with!  I can’t believe this selection, unlike any other I’ve ever seen.  So much texture and color, just a beautiful sight : )It’s true, I do love wedding albums!  Your photos get lost without a way to display them, and what better way to do that than with an album that will stand the test of time?   This book is a keepsake, a treasure trove of memories for the years to come!

  • You are seriously great at what you do Ellie. You are gifted my friend. Loving all of your images!

  • bandofbrothers

    wow, love it! all the colors! so awesome.

    and love you, my A.D.D friend.

  • those leather swatches are too cool. love the look!

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