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What can I say about my little San Fransisco wedding? I think they almost convinced me to move there! I fell in love with the city scene and I most definitly fell in love with this beautiful couple, they were so sweet and so awesome at the same time! A very creative pair, down to every detail of their two day wedding party. the first day I shot the ceremony at City Hall and then headed out into lower Haight with Chris and Jess…

… and the following day we had the time of our lives shooting the reception at a little restaurant called Foreign Cinema. The party was held in a small gallery in the back of the restaurant – a very unique and colorful location! I absolutely loved every minute of it!

APARTMENT THERAPY: HOUSE TOUR » Ellie Grover Photography - [...] that made this all possible was Jess Waston (writer/photographer for Aparment Therapy) whose wedding I photographed, oh, just a few years back!  : )  Thank you [...]

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Wow, this kid is KING of facial expressions as far as I’m concerned. He definitely kept me entertained! We had fun tromping around in someone else’s backyard for these photos, I’m not sure if he enjoyed our attempts at making him into a pirate all that much… but either way, Donovan did an awesome and we certainly had a great time!

Baby hair… wild and free!

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I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more flexible bride than Stephanie! She let us put her in a bathtub, hang her dress off a balcony and followed Curtis (the amazingly talented videographer and good friend of mine) and I out to a field full of barns dirt and weeds… Dennis, you’ve got an incredible wife and thank you both for letting us have some fun on your day! Awesome wedding, beautiful story, and with the appropriate new last name of Muskrat we deemed this day as brimming with Muskrat Love. Enjoy the barrage of photos below!

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First of all, my friend Karisa, who I grew up with, is the sweetest (and smartest) girl in the world! As the three of us were driving around downtown I heard the scoop on their meeting, and what a story these two have! Without going into too much detail – I’ll leave the story for them to tell – the two met in India and started dating the day before Karisa moved back to the states. For the past year they have kept up their relationship long distance and just recently became engaged when Arvind came to visit Karisa. I had the privilege of spending some of their precious moments together with them! (they drove 2 hours to take some photographs with me!) Arvind left the next day for India and they are prepared to spend another year apart until the big day! You know that your love and commitment is far reaching when faced with what they have been through. Karisa, born and raised in California is planning on spending the rest of her life in India serving on the mission field with Arvind. Such an awesome story, I am so excited for them! I hope you can see the sweetness of their love in these photographs.

I know this might seem like a normal engagement session… but you just can’t underestimate the things you’ll do when it’s HOT!

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Well…. I sort of went to Europe this summer. I took my camera too can you
imagine that? The combination of these to has caused a few people to continually
ask me when I’m posting pictures of this event. So for all you pestering and
rather bothersome people, here is a smathering of photos for your eyes only
(and anyone else who cares). I would like to dedicate these to my husband
who made me take “the small camera” – seems he’s the only one who thinks
that things get stolen when you travel. I love you Eddie!

everywhere we went the “futbol” game was on….

and of course… us! (well at least the first one is me, I think Eddie
found a new friend for life!)

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