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Such a beautiful family! I can’t believe the awesome trees and grass in my new town! It’s been so fun for me to explore different place to photograph what I love:)These turned out awesome – and thank you Hardin family for exploring with me, I had such a great time with all of you!

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I am just a little behind on a couple family/portrait sessions over here…. it seems like forever that ago that I photographed this beautiful little girl! Sophia, her mother and I met in a small field for our session, (one of the first places I discovered as I drove through my new town). Sophia had no problem running through the grass and playing with the flowers for me! She climbed into trees, ran down pathways and even stood on top of an old washing machine – she was so easy going and so so sweet – what a beautiful little lady:)

meet Sophia….

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I can’t express in words how sweet this wedding was for a lot of close people in my life. This beautiful bride is my mother, and her equally charming groom is a most amazing man as well. After years of living a hard life alone, each with their own separate struggles, they were blessed with the company of each other. They fell in love and were married just weeks ago! I’ve known Jim’s family for years and I am overjoyed to have gained this new extension of brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews! What a testimony to God’s grace…

(and yeah, I’m allowed to post a lot of photos when it’s my own mother’s wedding!!)


How funny is this?!

They were married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, who knew a courthouse could be so awesome! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful place!

Father of the bride…

My talented sister took this shot while I was singing the communion song – that’s my husband!

I just love this moment, right after the ceremony – look at how her arms are wrapped up inside his jacket…

afterward, the whole family walked across the street to an awesome restaurant called Elements

The courthouse at night!

I love you Mom… and praise God for the love you found in Jim… Congratulations to you both!

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SENIORS: part 4

Here’s the last installment of my adventures with the Seniors of Bakersfield – and what an awesome pair of people I saved for last! I love these girls, they are simply amazing. Smart, talented and sweet. They let me be a little tired and crazy during their time to shine, and we ended up with some really great photos and just a few:)fun moments…

meet GRACE


And again, just so everyone is clear, we didn’t have any fun at all…

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SENIORS: part 3

I don’t really know what to say about Drew and Phil, except that I never thought I would be able to handle hanging out with the two of them put together for the afternoon…:)we had such an awesome time, and I LOVE these photographs!

meet DREW

and PHIL

Disclaimer: Don’t try this on other normal photo shoots – or at home for that matter.

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