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I can’t tell you how excited I am for my first Roseville wedding! These two are an amazing couple inside and out – I had an awesome time hanging out with them at this beautiful PARK! When they first asked if we could go there for the shoot I had to drill them on what this “park” looked like – you see, in Bakersfield, a park means golf course grass with stick trees… I should have trusted their better judgment – get ready for the park of my dreams and yellow galore! yes! (I guess I’m going to have to get used to this in NorCal!)

Can’t wait till next May!

Christina Looker - love these ellie! especially like the last one. it's my favorite!!& yes, parks with stick trees is what im dealing with here…lucky duck! LOL

lorieloo - love love love this! jealous of the yellow =)

Meghan Underwood - So beautiful…You are incredible. And I would like to get my hands on that girl's SO cute dress…Love it.

Tasha - WOW! I love all of the yellow!!! Their park choice was perfect!

Emily B - LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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**Update: stay tuned for a really awesome video at the end of this post by Curtis Nemetz!**

Karisa and Arvind have such a unique and special story, I have been holding my breath over here to finally post these images! The couple met in India – Karisa on a long term missions trip and Arvind serving in the country full-time. It wasn’t until Karisa’s last day that Arvind made his feelings known, and today they’ve made it past the hurdle of a long distance relationship all the way to their marriage vows on the first of August! They will both serve as full-time missionaries in India together in just a few short months! This was a wedding that will come back to me over and over again, the joy, the tears, the true and piercing beauty that radiates from faithful servants fulfilling their calling…

I really just can’t get enough of these shoes – green! yes!

Karisa, you are SO beautiful!

They met each other for the first time that day on the train tracks!

When the guys “flowers” arrived I couldn’t believe it – so ingenious!

A little leapfrog never hurt anyone…

I love this moment of worship during the ceremony

The reception was awesome (and it was just outside the church building- so creative)! Casual seating arrangements so everyone had to mingle a little:)

every table was unique…

complete with a kids table…

and a CUTE photo booth…

While guests were enjoying chai tea and coffee we ran out to a hill behind the church for a few more photos!

The reception at night!

I felt truly honored to be a part of this wedding – thank you THANK YOU Karisa and Arvind – God bless you both and your ministry in India!

Here’s a little plug for my favorite videographer on the planet – Curtis Nemetz – Take a look at these moments through his eyes… so amazing!

Arvind and Karisa from curtis nemetz on Vimeo.


Karisa & Arvind - Oh Ellie, Arvind and I adore our photos! Thank you so much for sweetly and perfectly capturing our wedding day.

It meant so much to us to have you as our photographer… as the pictures show so clearly, you have a gift for not only capturing the moment, but the soul and the story. We love that our photos bring back every little emotion we were experiencing (and give us a window into little fun moments that we missed at the time!). It's so easy to praise the Lord for our wedding day… and your pictures will help us do it again and again.

We love you, Ellie! Thanks for serving us so well on our wedding day. You are awesome, friend!

Tasha - What can I say, I came back to check these out again because they are such awesome pictures. I've decided that my favorites are the first and last pictures you took with Karisa's hands.

Paulette - um, can you say amazing? The couple, the wedding, the pictures. Amazing!

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I traveled back to my hometown to shoot this one – and not just my hometown, but “downtown”, are you ready for some good old Bakersfield backgrounds?! I started off with the groomsmen in their favorite bar…

Love this shot of the groom!

Headed over to meet the girls getting ready in “the pink room” (as I call it) at the church…

I love stained glass windows!

Off to the park for the photo montage!

And then there was the reception!

This reception was a PARTY – this next slew of photos is dedicated to awesomely embarrassing:)“moves”…

What a sweet night! Thank you Paul and Whitney for letting me a part of your day, it was beautiful!

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Here’s a cute little family that I’ve grown to love since my move:)I’m still loving the nature of Roseville, so fun to photograph in! Fun fact: this is actually one of the most “normal” photo shoots this family has ever experienced – I was told that in most of this families photographs Mickey Mouse sneaks his way in somewhere, and more than likely a costume change two! … next time….

Millie - Oh my gosh, these are awesome!!! Ellie, you rock!

-Amelia (Millie)

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…………. KINGSLEY …………….

Meet Kingsley. I’ve been waiting a long time for this little one! I can’t believe the Grovers finally have a dog! YES!! There are plenty of people who needed a sneak peek of this little guy so I thought I’d put him up here for the world to see, he deserves to be seen by the world after all… wouldn’t you agree?

Meeting our cat, Owen

First bath – I’m excited, he’s…

Kingsley and his new favorite toy/brother Jerry – He doesn’t discriminate.

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