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I  love catching all the little expressions of a newborn.  There are so many ways to look around a room! : ) My husband and I don’t have children of our own yet but I would imagine just watching all the little faces thinking – oh he looks like his dad or oh he looks […]

  • Molly Sowers

    i can’t get over your baby pictures…they make me so happy.

    i love you!

I love the Pray family! Isn’t Carly one of the most beautiful pregnant mother’s you know!? I couldn’t even pick between these two : ) P.S. Baby Ariel is already here and I can’t wait to meet her!!! : )

  • bandofbrothers

    these are ridiculously gorgeous! the field shots are amazing. and yes, Carly is beautiful!

    and can’t you put numbers next to the photos so I can point out my absolute favs???


  • YEAH she’s here! And WOW these are gorgeous! And yes, Carly is Ridiculously beautiful =)

I’m going to have to throw out the cute baby warning once again, you’re about to be on overload, meet Kaveh… … told you.

  • Molly Sowers


Warning, more cute little girl-ishness up ahead… I love how these photos came out, so full of light and sweet little expressions! Can’t you just tell her parents treasure this little one!

  • C Sherman Photo

    EEK! I've been waiting for this to show up on your blog. 🙂 Camille and Sean are good friends of mine. You did a beautiful job capturing little Olive. I haven't seen her since she was a weeee little baby. Like 7 weeks old. Love these pictures.

  • Kyle

    Ellie, you are such a gifted photographer. The images you capture are simply incredible!

  • amylashelle

    LOVE the light in these!! So wish you lived closer so you could give me some tutorials 🙂 You're amazing!