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All the way from Texas….

  • John Ganiban-Hayes

    You two look terrific and so happy! (Of course, am just a little bit biased!)
    Ellie-you do such beautiful work! ! ! John G-H : )

  • Sheri Olson

    These pictures are adorable! I am going to print them and share with my kids and your grandparents.
    Thanks for sharing! I love em.

  • Divine Auntie M...

    Love the pictures of a gorgeous couple!

OK, so this might sound a little proud, but…. my house is up on Apartment Therapy today!  Ok, maybe I’m boasting, but I can’t help it – I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful resource – you NEED to go check this blog out if you’ve never visited it before! […]

  • Ellie, you are amazing!

  • GORGEOUS! as is the homeowner! =)

  • Becca

    Ellie WOW!!! You never cease to amaze me friend! Everything in your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can I move in with you PLEASE? Just kidding…wish I could, it would be like the old college days (plus two husbands, a dog, and two kids…hehe). But seriously, I LOVE it El! It is SO you and that is what makes it so special! Love you!

  • els!! That’s so exciting!! I seriously Love your house! (especially the kitchen) 🙂 congrats!

  • and by kitchen i meant that area with the table & sweet wall…

  • bandofbrothers

    So fun Ellie! Your house is so very cool! I’m in LOVE with the newspaper birds. They would make a GREAT birthday gift, wink wink, nod, nod.

  • OliveOyl

    Just beautiful. I love the gorgeous photo above your bed. I love how quickly you’ve pulled together your home. It all came together so perfectly. Love it!

  • Hi There!
    New to your blog- found you from the AT Home Tour.
    Love Love LOVE all that you did to make this space “you.”
    Can you tell me, in the bedrooms with stripes- is that wall paper or paint? And, if wallpaper, who makes it/color or paint colors?
    Thanks so much. Super inspiring!

It took a few canceled sessions due to bad weather to finally land on this perfect day – it was worth the wait!  The clouds part for Paul and Evelyn…

  • Oh the lighting on these is amazing! The color and vibrancy…and the sweet emotion you captured between this CUTE couple!

    Fabulous photos, Ellie!!!


  • P.S. Is “vibrancy” even a word? 😉

  • Evelyn

    Ellie! We look cute on your website. I feel famous now. I like the photo of your house too. way to go! Thanks for being amazing . Can’t wait till september.

Mike and Maya were married in a beautiful little catholic church just minutes from the Capitol building in Sacramento.  The reception was held on a top floor of the Citizen Hotel overlooking the cityscape as the sun set.  It was absolutely stunning to say the least!  What a sweet and romantic wedding – thank you […]

  • Maya

    Ellie – We love the photos. Thank you so much!

Billy and Natalie came all the way from my hometown of Bakersfield, CA just to hang out with me : ) OK, and maybe to take some awesome engagement photos on the side… you two made my day!

  • Ummm ok these are AMAZING! I looooove the shoe photo as well as the fields – too die for {as always, obviously}!!!!!!!


  • Sara

    Hey, I know that Natalie. She is such a beautiful girl! Amazing photos.

    I miss you friend.

  • Cheryl Saiki

    made me cry…to think Natalie is old enough to be getting married, and my daughter is old enough to be the photographer…oh, mom 🙂

  • gloria pope

    Ellie, Stunning! Natalie is beautiful.